Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Danish birds! Copenhagen Fri 2nd - Mon 5th Jun 2017

Upon arriving at Toke and Kirsty's flat I was struck by how much greenery there is in Copenhagen, and I quickly realised that their flats back out onto an amazing area of countryside and habitat (turned out to the be the Vestamager nature reserve!). So much so, that one of the very first birds I saw on the canal as it popped up right in front of me was this beauty! My first red-necked grebe -

After a few days of sightseeing, the morning of the last day arrived, and I was determined to explore a little more. We took a walk to the nature centre, seeing some interesting stuff along the way like hooded crow and tree sparrow by the pool.

After a look at the statues on the way we took the main drag out towards the lagoons and sea wall, and the sun was really hot for that early in the morning. There was lots to see, barnacle geese, lapwings, sky larks, pipits, redshank and perhaps most interestingly two cuckoos which always managed to stay ahead of us as we walked down the road.

We passed by several lagoons after realising the extent of the walk required to get out to the sea lagoons, but there was lots on offer,with warblers in the reeds, more geese, and more red-necked grebe.

After beginning the return end of the circular walk we came to a copse of trees, and it was an obvious magnet. Interesting we saw fieldfare, not instantly recognisable (perhaps because of the warm weather!).

I then also found what I believe to have been thrush nightingale  in the trees.


Saturday, 13 May 2017

Catching up.... some successes and some fails! May 2017

Garganey at Goldcliff - 09/05/2017

Dunlin flock

Tree Pipit - 14/05/2017 Rudry Common BTO Nest taster day

Common terns at Wyboston - 16/05/2017


Nightingale at Highnam Woods 20/05/2017

Tried for purple heron at kenfig on 21/05/2017

Tried for Rouzels at Trefil 27/05/2017 and it looked like this!! 

A day for red legs - Ramsey and Strumble Head 13/05/2017

A day out to Ramsey Island today with the Community Team was absolutely fantastic. On the way near St Davids I was very surprised to see red-legged partridge!! On the Island, a red kite was a surprise for us shortly after arrival, and then I got onto a spotted-flycatcher in a cracking bit of habitat near the buildings. There turned out to be a few there, and Mat and I jumped a fence to try and see if there was anything else whilst the rest of the group went up to see the manxie burrows. We didn't want to miss those so we caught back up with them, and it was amazing to hear a female calling from a burrow.

From there, we went up to see one of the seabird colonies, seeing peregrine and buzzard on the way. Matt and I then headed over to the other side to see about more rarities, and we dug out sedge warbler, willow warbler, blackcap and whitethroat near the buildings. That general area is obviously the place to find things! Interestingly everything was skulky, not willing to venture out far, or even call. 

Time came to get the boat back and we left, having racked up 5 ticks for the year challenge, chough, kittiwake, spot fly, red-legged partridge and razorbill.

Unsure if the collective time schedule would allow for a foray over to Strumble Head, I joked that we should try for the red-footed falcon. Luckily for myself, Mat and Ade, we had agreement and off we went. We followed the sketchy directions, but ended up going too far, and getting to Strumble Head Lighthouse. We went back the way we came and pulled into a layby to see some other birders coming back from having been watching it, and they pointed it out in the distance atop a lamp post. A cracking bird to add to #My200birdyear!!

However the best was yet to come, because we walked down towards it and it worked it's way over to the post we were stood under!! Whilst we were there a fella pulled in and we stifled a laugh after Mat suggested he stay in the car, but ended up narrating the situation with an hilarious, "Oh, he's out..."  Amazingly, it was very tame, allowing for brilliant shots before it took off again and started grubbing in a field.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

WBBS - 02/05/2017

Came across a tidy little lesser white throat on my early visit WBBS at Blackweir!

Also saved a slow worm this week from a marauding band of jackdaws out in the street. It looked at death's door, but after a night in a box in the bath it was in much better shape in the morning, so I left it go near the end of the road at the allotments. 

Temminck's! - 06/05/2017